The applications are opened for 2020. The deadline is the 16th of April 2020 at midnight. Social Arts Festival is a non-profit – fundraising event. This is the 3rd year of its existence and due to Covid19, we’ll go online to celebrate an incredible work of artists from all over the world. This particular uncertain time we are living now gives us space to create and perform. Festival is about the manifestation of human rights violations and social injustice. We can bring up all the frustrations and injustice, any pain, violation of our rights during this difficult time we are living. The lockdown is a perfect time to create for those who are well and would like to do something good to humanity and its a great time to watch your work from the comfort of each one home. Let’s express our emotions good and bad, whatever they are and create excellent work in order to give hope to those who suffer either they lost their loved ones or they are fighting for their lives. Let’s manifest our pain, struggle, the deepest emotions and point of view through different forms of performing arts such as dance, theatre, circus, music, film, and many more. You can be anywhere in the world and perform it even from your room, park, forest, sea,…The only requirement is a good internet connection on your device: smartphone/tablet/computer and zoom. More information about the festival and applications requirements are below: If you are a dancer, mover, musician, actor, poet, photographer, filmmaker, web designer, fundraiser or marketing specialist we would like to invite you to the Social Arts festival. It is an evening of dance, any form of art and performance aimed at raising awareness of social issues and the violation of human rights. The event is a platform for professional and amateur artists who can craft their own art in any form, create a visual performance and share it with an audience. Each performance will raise awareness of social inequality or a violation of human rights such as racism, human trafficking, refugee issues and any other issue that is close to your heart such as climate pollution/changes, the impact of social media on society and the most current topic of coronavirus crisis how they affect our lives. The event is open to anyone who wants to join, regardless of whether you are a professional performer or not. Anyone is welcome to join and share their creativity and to shed light on a social issue.
Perform from the comfort of your home

Benefits to participants

Event dates

3 Day Social Arts Festival: 15-16-17 May 2020 7-9 pm Tickets are already available here. Please share it with your friends.

Virtual Technical and Dress rehearsal:

It will be on the same day of the event prior to the performance 4-6 pm on each day of the show. Please make yourself available for all the time of the dress/tech rehearsal on zoom.


The deadline for the applications is the 16th of April 2020 Application requirements for performers: We will use the material provided for publicity. If you don’t have the piece yet you can briefly describe what would you like to create and for how long. Once you’ve got more info you can send us by the 23rd of April. The Festival is organised in collaboration with FlowMove – a movement and well-being company, the performing arts association LCP Dance Theatre – award winner for the best human rights choreographies founded by Joanna Puchala. Any other collaborators are welcome. Please get in touch if you want to support the festival in any way. We will be happy to give you some more exposure to social media and publicity for a good cause. Spread the word! If you know anyone who could be interested in joining the event please forward them this email! Any support in kind in organising the festival such as advertising, fundraising is very much appreciated.
If you need any further information don’t hesitate to get in touch: Best regards, Founder Joanna Puchala Social Arts Festival