Thank You

We would like to thank the following people and organisations for their help and support, without which this event would not be possible.

Many thanks to Jane Wells, Julie Hobbs and Oliver Norfolk. 


Heather Mason of Minded kindly donated the Social Arts Festival prize for choreography.

University of Greenwich

Loan of lighting and audio equipment.

London Print Shop

 Anna Stasko kindly donated  the printing of the programmes, posters and flyers.

Individuals who supported us

A special thanks to the following individuals who volunteered their time and skills to make it happen:

Deborah Iaria – Art direction

Regina Demcuka – Lighting direction

Lidha Inga – Graphic design, photography and videography

Joanna Koralewska – Photography and Film

Nerijus Klapatauskas – Sound and Video

Arina Tetera – Photography

Agris Belte – Technician

Raya Avetisyana – Lighting

Paul Maston – Website design