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If you are a dancer, mover, musician, actor, poet, photographer, film maker, lighting engineer, sound engineer, web designer, fund raiser or marketing specialist we would like to invite you to the Social Arts festival 2019. It is an evening of dance, any form of art and performance aimed at raising awareness of social issues and the violation of human rights.

The 3 day event is a platform for professional and amateur artists who can craft their own art in any form, create a visual performance and share it with an audience.

Each performance will raise awareness of inequality or a violation of human rights such as racism, human trafficking, refugee issues and any other issue that is close to your heart such as climate pollution/changes, impact of the social-media on the society and many others. The event is open to anyone who wants to join, regardless of whether you are a professional performer or not. Anyone is welcome to join and share their creativity and to shed light on a social issue.

video trailer SAF 2018

Benefits to participants

Event dates

3 Day Social Arts Festival: Saturday 12th,19th and 26th Oct 8-10pm@theLodge.space

Technical rehearsal:

It will be on the same day of the event prior to the performance 6-8pm. Your full availability is required to set up the space (pillows, bolsters, bunches, screen), lights, audio and video projector equipment. We’ll all have some tasks to make everything smooth and efficient. If you know any lighting/sound engeener please let us know.

Dress rehearsal

Wednesday 9th,16th and 23rd Oct (1.15 – 4.15pm) @theLodge.space

If you perform on only one day then please come to the dress rehearsal on Wednesday before the Saturday’s performance. For example if you perform on 12th of Oct then your dress rehearsal day is on 9th of October. If you perform more than once you can come once to the dress rehearsal before the first day of your performance. Please make yourself available for all the time of the dress rehearsal 1.15-4.15pm and arrive at least 15 min earlier to get ready for 1.15pm. The changing rooms and showers are available at the venue. Please make sure that you’ve had some brunch before coming to the rehearsal and supper before the tech rehearsal/show as there won’t be any interval during those slots. TheLodge.space serves a delicious and healthy yogic food in case you want to have some bites before or after the rehearsals/performances.


The deadline for the applications is 19th of May.

Application requirements for performers: In your application please include: your contact details (full name, email address)

We will use the material provided for publicity.

If you don’t have the piece yet you can briefly describe what would you like to create and for how long. Once you’ve got more info you can send us by 26th of May.

The Festival is organised in collaboration with FlowMove – a movement and well-being company, the performing arts association LCP Dance Theatre – award winner for the best human rights choreographies founded by Joanna Puchala and the venue The Lodge Space; sponsored by Minded Institute – the yoga therapy leader, founded by Heather Mason, Merridian Fitness – Health Club & Spa and ESPH – Gym & Physio.  Any other collaborators are welcome. Please get in touch if you want to support the festival in anyway. We will be happy to give you some more exposure in social media and publicity for a good cause.

Spread the word! If you know anyone who could be interested in joining the event please forward them this email!

Any support in kind in organising the festival such as lighting, sound, front house, administration, web-design, advertising, fundraising are very much appreciated.



Opportunity 1

We are going to create a short choreography (5/15min) leading to the performance at the Social Arts Festival during the following Aerial Yoga Dance workshops: on Sunday 29th of September and 6th of October at theLodge.space 2-5pm @£60 each. Open to all professional and amateur movers. Placer are limited and selling fast, book here if you want to join!

video trailer from the Aerial Yoga Dance workshops Opportunity 2 We are going to create a long choreography (30-45min) leading to the performance at the Social Arts Festival (SAF) during the following 5 day x 3 hour@15h choreography workshop: on Wednesday 28th August (exception 1.45-4.15pm); 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th of September 1.15-4.15pm at theLodge.space. During this workshop you’ll learn the aerial slings + hoop + contemporary dance +improvisation skills. Open to all professional and amateur movers. After the compilation of the course you’ll receive the certificate of attending it which you can add to your portfolio as a moving/aerial slings/hoop artist. The final decision about your performance at SAF 2019 will be made upon the amount of time you committed to the course and your individual/group quality performance. As we are offering this special course to people who want to participate at the SAF we have a special price for you. If you book before 31st of May you’ll pay £170, after that the full price is £190. Places are limited and selling fast, book here if you want to join! video trailer form last LCP’s production – working progress “Lost Love” If you want to perform the choreography you learnt from above workshops either from the Opportunity 1 or Opportunity 2 you would need to be available also on following days. Preferably on all those days, if not at least one perf and one dress rehearsal prior to the show. We might not be able to perform during all 3 days due to the limited time slots during the festival (TBC after the applications deadline 19th of May). At least it would be good to perform let’s say at the beginning and the end of the festival (12&26 Oct 6-10pm) and dress rehearse (9th and 23rd Oct 1.15-4.15pm). 3 Day Social Arts Festival: Saturday 12th,19th and 26th Oct 6-10pm (6-8pm tech rehearsal, 8-10pm performance)@theLodge.space

Dress rehearsal: Wednesday 9th,16th and 23rd Oct (1.15 – 4.15pm) @theLodge.space

We have created these performing and learning opportunities for you to make you participate in the Social Arts Festival as a performer and raise funds for SAF 2019.  We would appreciate your presence at the workshops, festival and your contribution.

These workshops are organised independently from the performance. Everyone can join them. If you want to join the festival as a part of the choreography by LCP Dance Theatre we are going to create during the workshop, please let us know the latest by 26th of May. We have limited places so if you are interested in participating in this choreography and then perform it during the festival please apply now. Applications deadline is on the 19th of May. You’ll need to send the application to confirm your participation in the festival. You don’t need to write about the choreography but you need to submit the rest of the requirements of the application so we can include your name, picture, and bio in the programme. Please read above in “the Application requirements”.

If you need any further information don’t hesitate to get in touch: info@socialartsfestival.com  www.socialartsfestival.com

Best regards, Joanna Puchala

Social Arts Festival