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We are fundraising for a non-profit event – 2 Day Social Arts Festival: 12th and 19th Oct at 8 pm – each day different performances.

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This Festival is a symphony of performing arts exhibitions that highlight social inequality and violations of human rights.

It is two evenings of dance, together with any form of art and performance.

This 2-day event is a platform for professional and amateur artists who can craft their own art in any form, create a visual performance, and share it with an audience. 

Support our cause and show solidarity with us against any form of injustice and inequality.

– not for profit – by donation – event accessible to everyone to perform and watch
– unique and one of a kind event which covers performing, visual arts and human rights
– the programme consists of a variety of performances such as dance, aerial, theatre, music, film, story telling, and many more
– the collective team of volunteers is supporting the event to make it outstanding and interesting 
– it’s the second edition of SAF 2019, which we hope to continue every year and expand internationally 
– we are raising money for a charity “Black Women Rising”. The organisation raises awareness of the higher risk of black females cancer.

As this is a non-profit event we are asking you to support it by donating money to cover some expenses such as video projection, design, publicity, marketing and administration.

We’ve managed to obtain a lot of support in kind. Now we are facing financial expenses much higher than £4500. But our target is to cover at least some of it. 

Any penny of your donation will help make the event happen and therefore help refugees and asylum seekers. 

If you cannot donate please share the event with your friends and family

Thank you so much for your contribution! 

We also appreciate any support in kind to give awards to the performers – get in touch if you would like to support us in this way:

Social Arts Festival 
Founder – Joanna Puchala
FB/Twitter/Instagram@ socialartsfestival